My name is Natalie, I am a mother of two boys, who bring me a lot of joy and challenges too! I am South African married to a French man, who still makes me laugh everyday after so many years! I live in a typical French village where there is a “boulangerie” on the corner, to get our daily baguettes. However, you can often find me on my big comfy chair exploring other things like essential oils, which I love!  

I have been through my fair share of trials and know what it feels like to wrestle with heartbreak, walking through those dark long roads where there seems to be no light in sight and to wonder why. But I also know what it feels like to be forgiven, restored and loved. When there seems to be no way – God makes a way!

How we started

In 2018 – the Lord put on my heart to start a Ladies Bible study group. It was a deep desire for me to do this work for the Lord. However, at the time I lived in Dubai and I had a lot of questions – how Lord? Why here? How would I reach ladies? Where do I start? So many questions but the Lord led me and opened all the right doors for me to start a ladies Bible study group in Dubai from my home. The Holy Spirit taught me what I needed to share with the ladies and so it began. From my kitchen table with a group of 8 ladies.

We then relocated to France and the Lord again put on my heart to reach women in France where French is their second language sometimes making it difficult to fellowship with other Christian ladies. The hand of the Lord was with me every step of the way – an online group in France started in 2020 with 10 ladies. We cherish our time together being able to spend time in His word and praying for one another. We now have 2 different groups in 2 different continents. 

My desire for God’s Kingdom is to be able to reach those ladies across the world who love Jesus and want to fellowship with other Christians. All online Bible study groups are FREE. 

I thank You Lord and Holy Spirit for using me to build Your Kingdom.

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